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It is clear to see that our planet needs all of the help it can get to heal the damage that we have done which is why I made this library 100% sustainable. All of the books in it are secondhand books which eliminates a fraction of the mass amounts of book waste. The materials that we used to build this library were reused pieces from old projects, mostly. I encourage you to think about this and try to go to second use books stores, thrift shops, or libraries to do your part.


I created this library for my neighbors and myself in order to establish a sense of community. These past two years have been rough for everyone, to say the least, and during them we have all become disconnected from one another. I am hoping that this little library can rekindle friendships through literature and that it will encourage people to read more and find the joy in it. 


Our main priority is to keep our community a safe and beautiful place, so please adhere to our rules. The first and most important thing is to social distance and wear masks (follow CDC guidelines) to keep it a safe place. Secondly, please return the book in good condition after you are done reading it OR donate a new book. This rule assures that this library will always be fully stocked. Lastly, do not vandalize the library.Thank you for following our guidelines, it is appreciated.


My name is Brooke and I am a Cadette Girl Scout. The main goal of all Girl Scouts is to help our community and part of that is the Silver Award. The Silver Award Project is a 50 hour community service project where you create a sustainable solution that will help your local community, for mine I decided to build an environmentally friendly little library for the Chaparral Springs neighborhood.


I chose this as my project because I noticed that many elderly folks and children in my neighborhood do not have transportation access, at the time our town library was also closed due to COVID-19. I realized it was an issue that needed to be fixed because reading is a popular hobby that can educate you and no one should be deprived of it. It was also important to me that I do something to help the environment so when building the library I used up-cycled materials and secondhand books in order to limit excess waste.


I hope you have a chance to stop by and enjoy our library!





It looks fantastic. Thanks for your hard work.


Great addition to the neighborhood and looks fabulous.


This website absolutely blew me away! I love how clearly it's displayed; it's so easy to see everything! What an amazing project too. Great job!

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